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Choose your freight and get pay in hours after you delivery your freight. The only thing you have to do is fax your paperwork and we get your pay in less 24 hours. We wire your payment to your Bank Account.






Load Searching and Booking %6 of the rate or minimum $40 (whichever is greater.)

Receiving OS/OW/Trip Permits $15.00 for each (you pay state fees)

IFTA preparation $75 - per quarter

Log Books preparation $40 - per week

Truck Registration renewal $150 - per each unit (with already calculated miles)

FREE Customer Invoicing

FREE Paperwork processing

FREE Unlimited bill collections

FREE Safety Audit Consultation

FREE Handling insurance claims

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Thursday, November 4, 2021

Truck dispatcher training in Louisiana

The work of the dispatcher has a very high potential in the area of ​​high profitability. But such work requires an employee to be highly stress-resistant and to be able to process a large amount of information. A lot will depend on the skills to make quality decisions in stressful situations. Therefore, before you start mastering such a position as working as a logistician at home, you need to weigh your capabilities.

As a rule, in the field of cargo transportation, the dispatcher's income ranges from 8 to 25%, depending on the size of the order. The higher the order value, the lower the percentage and vice versa. Typically, home dispatcher customers are small companies that do not have their own vehicle fleet. The search for performers for such companies is the responsibility of the home freight dispatcher. Where to start activities? The best option would be to search for clients who need to transport goods. Finding executors of orders is somewhat easier than finding cargo holders.

After you have gained theoretical knowledge in courses or in the course of distance learning, you need to make sure that you have everything you need to work. How do freight dispatchers work? They are looking for clients and picking performers. To do this, you must have a computer or laptop with Internet access. In addition, you will need a smartphone that is also connected to the mobile internet. Perhaps you will need more than one phone in order to have a permanent telephone connection. Most of the dispatcher's work takes place over the telephone. Since the dispatcher is also responsible for completing all the necessary documentation, you need a printer and scanner. It will not be superfluous to have an electronic signature, which will simplify the remote registration of documents.

Truck dispatcher training in Maryland

 What are the opportunities to learn? Let's figure it out:

  1. There are free courses on the internet. The course will take about 4.5 months. The course consists of sixteen practical sessions and fifty video lectures.

  2. You can study at a distance learning school. The curriculum includes thirty journals, each of which is designed to be studied within two weeks. In general, the course takes about a year. If you wish, you can complete the training faster.

  3. You can take full-time training in courses organized by the university. In these courses, students gain knowledge on how to choose the right carriers, skills in working with tracking systems and how to correctly calculate the consumables spent on the trip. In addition, the course program provides for the passage of a small practice in one of the transport companies.

In addition to training in special courses, the dispatcher needs additional skills, such as:

  • confident use of Microsoft Excel, as it carries out paperwork and basic calculations;

  • foreign languages ​​are not a required skill, but very desirable, as this will significantly expand the geography of partners;

  • the ability to competently and effectively communicate with both clients and performers;

  • the ability to remain calm in conflict and stressful situations;

  • good knowledge of the geographic and climatic conditions of the regions where the delivery works are carried out;

  • ability to work with maps and plan a route;

  • the ability to correctly plan and distribute your working time.

All these skills are necessary not only to have, but also to improve them continuously. Working through and obtaining the above skills will help to significantly increase income in an occupation such as working as a home freight dispatcher.

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Best Remote Jobs in 2022 - 2023

Truck dispatchers are the people behind the scenes, but they are the indispensable talent for the logistics industry, especially when it comes to long haul routes. The main task of the dispatcher is to find the most profitable cargo for drivers through communication with brokers, that is, people who need a truck to transport cargo. Also, the dispatcher is responsible for monitoring the entire transportation process from start to finish. The dispatcher's goal is to come up with routes in such a way that the driver earns as much money as possible. Digital logistics platform for multimodal transportation is one of the best remote jobs as of 2022 - 2023. This job offers a number of benefits:

  • information support for decision making;

  • planning and calculating effective supply chains;

  • prompt and accurate calculation of cargo delivery along the route;

  • electronic document management.

After registering on the site, you will get access to your personal account. The system works on the principle of "one-stop shop", providing an opportunity to order the shipment of goods or track possible orders from customers. The service determines the location of wagons and containers throughout all stages of transportation. It is possible to track the location, the last operations with the wagon and the container, the condition of the wagons, and an operational estimate of the time of arrival of the cargo.

Selection of suitable options for road transport of goods to the station or container terminal and from the destination station to the warehouse gate within a multimodal route. Complex transportation in wagons, containers, by road is carried out under one contract of transport services. The site helps to deliver the goods along the optimal multimodal route as quickly as possible and with full traffic control. The created service is a digital platform that brings together market participants 24/7 and works in real time, automating business processes.

Truck dispatcher website

Register on the website of truck dispatchers and attach information about the organization that will be required to pass the check. Only reliable carriers with a good reputation work on the site. Therefore, our manager must check the data of your organization and decide to work on the service. As a rule, offers begin to arrive immediately after the order is placed. However, there are not always carriers, especially on unpopular routes. Therefore, we recommend that you take this into account when placing an order.

Go to the order creation form. Fill in the cargo data: name, weight, dimensions, photo. Indicate the route of transportation. In large cities, it is advisable to indicate the street and house so that the estimated price is close to the real one. Also indicate the period of dates during which you are ready to transport your cargo. Select the transportation budget you are looking for. After placing your order, you can continue to search for carriers or wait for offers for a price.

As soon as you receive an offer from the carrier, you will receive a notification. All offers are posted on your order page. They are also available in chats. Reply to the offer in the chat. If it suits you, choose a carrier by the contractor. If not, then do not hesitate to write about it in the chat, perhaps you will be able to negotiate on cheaper terms.

In this service you will find passing and returning cargoes directly from shippers. To do this, place your transport on the website and receive applications from cargo owners. After placement, you will automatically receive only those goods that fit the parameters of your transport. Choose your favorite transportation options and discuss the conditions of transportation directly with the carrier in the online chat. When the customer chooses you as a contractor for the order, you will be presented with his phone number for communication. After transportation, users leave feedback to each other for the history of transactions and the accumulation of ratings on the site. The rating allows other users to assess the reliability of the transport participants.

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

How to find the best truck dispatcher training?

Finding truck dispatcher training and courses is not always easy. Especially for those new to this business. Just think - you have minimal ideas about the profession, and information is pouring in from all sides that their courses are the best and you must definitely choose them. So what do you do in these circumstances, and how do you choose the best courses available? We will try to answer this question.

Process and duration of training

The duration of professional retraining for transport programs is 250 hours or more. The average duration of a completed course is 512 hours. To complete retraining in 3 months, you need to devote at least 6 hours to classes daily. You cannot adjust the standard curriculum. For employment in a number of positions, a driver's license and certification will be required. To become a leader, you need experience in the field of activity. Requirements for specialties can be found in professional standards.

We can create an individual course. When developing an educational program, we take into account the peculiarities of the profession, the provisions of professional standards, as well as the wishes of the client:

  • to the duration of training in the areas of transport;

  • the name of the specialty;

  • a set of disciplines.

Personal requirements for the curriculum must be agreed with the manager of the academy before concluding a contract for the provision of services. After retraining in transport programs and passing the final test, students receive a diploma of the established sample. We issue documents that strictly meet the requirements of regulatory authorities, so you can officially work in your mastered specialty. With a diploma in professional retraining in transport programs, you can get a job in a cargo transportation company, logistics service, commercial and industrial enterprise, passenger transport organization, or simply work for yourself.

Truck dispatcher training in California

Distance courses are inexpensive compared to face-to-face training at a university or college. There are also discounts for companies that send for training from several employees at once. Transport service workers are specialists associated with the movement of cars, river, rail, sea, and air transport. Depending on the place of work and position, specialists:

  • check the technical condition of the vehicle;

  • carry out diagnostics of vehicles;

  • develop product distribution schemes;

  • control the work of drivers on the line;

  • responsible for the safe operation of vehicles, and so on.

To work in the provision of transport services, you will need an appropriate qualification. We offer clients a range of courses in transportation programs. Students will be able to master the specialty in a short time without interrupting their professional activities.

How is the training going?

Training involves the study of the following topics:

  • regulatory framework, conditions for licensing the activities of a car company;

  • types of rolling stock, carrying out pre-trip, scheduled inspections, monitoring the current state, organizing repairs;

  • purchase of spare parts, storage, write-off;

  • transportation of passengers, cargo, including oversized, maintaining the necessary documentation;

  • the basics of logistics, the organization of the movement of cars, taking into account the route network;

  • duties of the AT dispatcher, technical equipment of his work;

  • the main reasons for downtime and their elimination;

  • types of instructions for drivers, the frequency of their conduct.

All information provided is up to date. You can study both full-time and remotely, in parallel with the main work. For more information, we recommend that you contact our specialists, who will advise you in this area.

Sunday, October 17, 2021

What’s better Truck Dispatcher or Freight Broker

Each of these two professions has a number of advantages. In terms of value, they are practically equal. The reader himself must determine for himself which direction is closer to him and choose exactly what he sees himself better.

Truck Dispatcher

The lives of all citizens are influenced by truck drivers. However, some areas are far more dependent on truckers than others. For example, some parts of the country are very remote. Residents in these areas often rely on drivers to deliver essential items such as food, medicine and clothing. So, as a driver of a larger ton truck, you can take on an important social role in helping the country to prosper and helping people to explore the hard-to-reach areas of our planet.

They say that today's America owes its intensive pace of development to truckers. This is not surprising: the transport sector is today the leader in the US economy. According to the indicators of this industry, large companies track the overall cycle and dynamics of the development of American business, focusing on consumption and sales figures.

Freight Broker

Freight broker. Freight is a payment for the carriage of goods, usually such goods are transported by ships. A freight broker is an intermediary between the owner of the cargo and the owner of the vessel.

Such a forecast is a true indicator that workers in the field of logistics, in particular, US dispatchers, as well as those who work remotely in other countries, can be confident at least 20 years in advance that they will be in demand and that they will have stable high earnings. The demand for this profession, both in America and around the world, will only grow.

And which direction to choose for you and which courses to enroll in depends only on your decision. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the features of each system in order to get an accurate answer on this topic.